Paradox Videos

  • Client - Practice Paradox
  • Skills/Tools Used - Camera Use - JVC GY-HM100E Video Direction Pre-Production Livestreaming Set Lighting Video Editing Screenflow Websafe Publishing YouTube Management

Every few weeks (approximately) Practice Paradox records marketing-oriented videos for their YouTube channel. This is where I come in. I setup, record, pack down, edit then publish these videos to the company’s YouTube channel as well as providing advice throughout the recording process. I make sure there is a clear goal for these videos, because just recording someone talking about what they know isn’t going to give people a reason to buy, right? (hint: unless you’re giving a lecture at university… It doesn’t)

To bring these videos to life, I use a company-owned JVC GY-HM100E HD camera recording at 720p resolution. I then drop these videos into a Mac-based editing program called Screenflow (also useful for screen captures). Any further compression is done through Handbrake and then these videos are ready for the world to see.

I also handle the Livestreaming of Paradox events, either acting as a webinar co-pilot during GoToWebinar sessions or as an in-room director for any conference Livestreams.

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